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PT Masindo Utama Nusantara is a leading provider of Multi-vendor Telecommunications services in Indonesia, working with leading industry names to deliver end to end business solutions
Founded early 1997 we have become a significant player in the cellular, fixed line, wireless and fiber optic sectors.
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Welcome to Masindo Utama Nusantara

PT. Masindo Utama Nusantara is a leading independent supplier of GSM, 3G and Fiber optic equipment installation and managed services for the Indonesian
Telecommunication Industry including first level maintenance, project management, turnkey network integration, CME, SITAC, Base station optimization, LOS, and engineering consultancy. We supply a range of telecom infrastructure services for network operators and serve the fixed line, wireless and tower leasing companies though our vast network of regional offices that cover a majority of Indonesian provinces.

PT Masindo supplies a range of managed services for the Indonesian telecommunication industry focusing on one primary objective, lowering costs for our customers. ...more

PT Masindo Utama Nusantara a Leading Supplier of Managed Services and Installation services to the Indonesian ...more

Masindo Maintenance teams provide planned and unplanned maintenance services on approximately 4,000 sites throughout the Indonesia Archipelago..... more

Our Comprehensive training include : In House Training Training for company or corporate, by division or sister company.... more

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